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Version: 2.0.2


Welcome to the documentation! is a simple and light open source CSS framework. It integrates a set of pre-designed HTML elements, allowing the rapid and simple development of interfaces for all devices. is entirely designed in CSS (SCSS), no javascript library is developed or required.

The architecture of the framework is based on the concatenation of classes. For example, the ms-btn classe allows to get the default design of a button, the ms-success classe allows to color the button green, and the ms-rounded classe allows to round the button angles

The framework is based on 4 colors: primary .ms-primary and secondary ms-secondary being the main colors of the design. The action colors, .ms-action and .ms-action2, allow you to highlight the elements calling for an action, or define a complementary color to the first two. See this page for more information.

Since V2, it is possible to customize the 4 colors via the framework generator. See this page for more information.

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Each component of the framework is compatible with the dark mode. A dedicated page explains how it works.

In order to be more readable, the documentation is divided into several large themes, each representing a particular aspect of the framework :

  • Getting started -> How to install the framework.
  • Layout -> Documentation on how the content is displayed in general (dark mode, responsive grid, etc...).
  • Content -> Documentation about content. The content represents the native elements of HTML, such as forms, paragraphs, etc...
  • Elements -> Documentation about the elements of the framework. An element is an HTML structure that is independent of others (an element does not depend on another element).
  • Components -> Documentation about the components of the framework. A component is a set of elements that can be used together or an HTML structure more complex than an element. It can also be a structuring element of a page (like a menu).
  • Helpers -> Documentation about the helpers. A helper is a set of CSS class that allow you to quickly format HTML content.

If you encounter difficulties or discover a bug, feel free to open an issue on the GitHub repository.

Any contribution is also welcome :)


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