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Your web interface simply and quickly.

Simple & light open source CSS framework, including dark mode. integrates a set of pre-designed HTML elements, allowing the rapid and simple development of interfaces, for all devices. With the generator, you can customize the main colors of the framework, to fit your needs.


~10KB gzipped & no JS.

Simple and lightweight, only integrates the necessary to get started.


Generator and dark mode.

The framework is customizable with the generator and adaptive with the integrated dark mode.


Easy to set up and use.

We strive to make the framework as user friendly and accessible as possible.

What can provides?

All class, elements and components are grouped in the following categories:


This section will guide you on the general appearance of your web page.


Use of the main components, native to HTML, such as forms, paragraphs, etc...


An element is an HTML structure that is independent of others, like button, alert, etc...


Components are complex HTML elements, such as an article, menu, etc...


A helper is a set of CSS class that allow you to quickly format HTML content.