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Version: 2.0.1


The framework is based on the use of four colors. They are all customizable through the use of the generator, so that you can make the framework your own.

Thus, all the elements composing the framework can call the .ms-primary, .ms-secondary, .ms-action and .ms-action2 class, which will have the effect of modifying their appearance (often by changing the color of the element, or of a part of the element).

.ms-primary: The primary color of the framework. This should define the main color of your design.

.ms-secondary: The secondary color of the framework. This should define the secondary color of your design, matching the primary color.

.ms-action: This color is used to highlight the HTML elements calling for an action. It can also be a complementary color to your design.

.ms-action2: This color complements the first action color. It too can complement the design.